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Water Transport Cell is all about those people who are engaged in water transportation business. Our people work to provide viable business options for the people who need them, whenever and however they want it.

Using a straightforward working ethic, best procedural method, flawless intra-depertmental activities and tireless services from its own core, WTC assures safe cargo transportation and its time worthy delivery to any disport within the territory.


Bangladesh is full of crop greeneries with plenty of rivers and high yielding soil. The rivers spread like a network all over the land. They have different origins outside the country but falls together to the Bay of Bengal, the water-belt of the land. Following the natural process sometimes few rivers meet together and form a single channel with single name to fall in the Bay through estuary/tidal mouth. Nearby, a safer place serves as an Anchorage leading to a Sea Port aiming to keep seaway communication with foreign countries.

There are two Sea Ports, namely Chittagong and Mongla, established in the coastal belt of Bangladesh. Read More


Most of the imported goods – nearly ninety percent – reach to different parts of the country by waterways via Chittagong Port. Transportation of goods by waterways is substantially economical due to the fact that it costs one fourth or even less compared to other means of transportation. Cost-rates (freight) of water transport would vary greatly in the past, as there was lack of discipline in this sector. For instance in Dhaka-Chittagong route, the fare would rise as high as Taka 500-700 per ton in case of scarcity of vessels and this would come down to Taka 140-150 during availability.  Read More

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